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As one of my resolutions coming into the New Year, I have made myself a promise to share my love of plants and my garden (albeit a little messy at the moment) not only how it can bring much pleasure watching it grow and develop but to also encourage you to use your  gardens and what it produces to create individual and meaningful floral arrangements.

Our garden started in 1985 when we purchased the land about a year after the devasting bushfires of Ash Wednesday 1983 and which is just a little under an acre ; it is a beautiful sloping piece of land set into the south side of the Mount and facing South and had  very little vegetation other than several indiginous Gums and couple of rhododendrons which regenerated after the fires;  what was once a beautiful display of  stone terracing  badly damaged and in need of repair and plenty of overgrown crops of blackberries.   We constructed our home on the original house site and followed with the perhaps the bones of our garden…not that I knew what I was doing!,   at the time a true novice.   I was originally guided by the trends of the time;  English box hedging and miles of it, perennial borders in  shades of pastel pink & blue, of course, and several european varieties of Maple, Beech, Oak and Elm – which I must say do very well in our climate…I planted quite a number of David Austins and species varieties of Roses however it was the latter that ultimatley survived.. not enough sunshine for the David Austins unfortunately…

As we become familiar with both the environment  and plant material  available to us  from our immediate area, I soon planted copious numbers of Daffodils and different types of flowering shrubs, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, ornamental weeping  Cherrys, Dogwoods, vines,  a number of  unusual woodland perennials……. more Box hedging……. some plants worked many did’nt, surprisingly though, as I did very little to no watering over the 15 years of drought, much did survive although put on very little growth..

After nearly 28 years with an again off again gardening regime due to our work and personal committments,  we have made 2014  our year for refreshing, replanting and  refurbishing both our home and our garden….hopefully with the introduction of a  small plot for vegetables and herbs…  I am looking forward to sharing the changes with you as they develop, month to month, season to season and  also including some pictures of some of my favorite seasonal  flowers and foliage material which will have also inspired  my floral arrangements and perhaps yours.


Wild strawberries throughout the garden; edible, highly perfumed and a beautiful subtle strawberry flavour.


One of my all time favorite Hydrangeas - 'Quercafolia'

One of my all time favorite Hydrangeas – ‘Quercafolia’   beautiful creamy white conical shaped flowers. The leaves trun russet, gold in Autumn…


Lillium ‘Regale’ – stunning & highly perfumed lillium variety can grow to over a metre long given the right conditions. Very showy.


Rosa ‘Raubritter’ – old variety, cascading rose. Ours gently cascades into our pond.



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